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If you do not plan for the future

Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:35 am

You can still experience the event via live broadcast: RuneFest LIVE.We worked hard to be able to stream the event live, and do you enjoy the atmosphere and energy of RS Gold RuneFest from the comfort of your couch.You You can follow RuneFest, from 11: 00 GMT (to determine the appropriate time for your area, you can view this site in English) by visiting our channel contraction or website RuneFest. You can also download the application to the contraction of the Department of Interior or the robot control RuneFest anywhere.On look at the list, there will be contests, interviews, and more opportunities to participate in the events of that day. Even if you have a question or just want to say Hello, go on Twitter, where you can send your questions to @ RuneFest with hashtag # RuneFest3.We really looking forward to seeing a lot of believers players RuneFest. If you do not plan for the future, why not organize a ceremony to see real RuneFest RuneFest? Players Day celebrations happen in real life and organized by our society to scape lovers can gather and watch RuneFest live together! What ended up with some friends or with the whole clan, there is no better way to watch live RuneFest Saturday.If you're organizing a public event on a larger scale, please visit our page on the celebrations of the players. Will be rewarded with the five largest parties, the organization and receive scape present after the event! We want to know where you will find. Tell us where you can watch this event on the map RuneFest Live! All parts will be transferred to honor the special group set us would put a little spice to the event. Gather your friends, and the preparation of drinks and get ready to celebrate RuneFest Live! Jagex began playing Runescape on free play time to release 'old school', which had already had signed over a million players.More a million fans reactionary even for the scape of old school there since Jagex launched the 2007 version of the game in February 2013. More than 450 000 fans have a copy of the school and then vote for the publishing of age.

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