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Read before any posting!

The posts should fall into the following categories:
1) They are a request for help with a problem the user is experiencing with any our software.
2) They are a response for a request for assistance directed as a reply to a post requesting assistance.
3) They are information on how to improve some aspect of the hardware/servers being used by our customers.
4) They are suggestions or requests for clarification on how to make any aspect of any service or any user hardware more effective or more useful.
5) They are pre-sales questions.
6) They are bug reports.

All other posts will be deleted immediately and the user can be banned.

Additional forum rules:
1) Each member must have a valid software license in order to interact with the community. Each client is entitled to one Forums Account only. Any assistance regarding Forum Accounts will have to be requested directly from the Forum Account email.
2) This forum is a User-User based environment and the Support Staff does not give official support here.
3) No abusive and offensive tone or nonconstructive criticism against anyone.
4) No profane words. This includes acronyms for profane words. A profane word, no matter the content will lead to an infraction.
5) You may not publicly post on behalf of any banned member. This includes all forums and signatures.
6) No spamming allowed, all spammed threads/post from a client may be removed without any warning.
7) Any post/thread which encourages illegal activity will be removed and the member will be suspended. Any member within our forum suspected of illegal activities such as software piracy will temporarily be banned without warning and an investigation will be brought up in order for the banned member to provide information to clear the claims of illegal activity.
8) Public post/threads arguments against these rules will be removed without a warning. We encourage feedback and would be glad to hear it directly from you. To send feedback please get in touch with us here.
9) Selling/transferring or request of selling/transferring a license is not allowed, this forum is to gain support regarding the software and its plugins offered by clients.
10) Irrelevant and nonconstructive criticism, discussion and/or comparison regarding social networking scripts will be removed without a warning; we also will not tolerate the same for other products. Although, everyone is welcome to post a constructive comparative discussion regarding any products. Complaints, ranting, negative reviews about any software will be removed. If there is a feature that you feel needs to be improved you are welcome to submit a feature request instead.
11) You are entirely responsible for any activity created by and/or with your account.
12) Avatars that looks like the logo of the avatars of the official staff members are not permitted.
13) You may not refer an image or a link from, or to, a site containing; extreme violence, flagrant discrimination, pornography or illegal activities. If you refer a link to an adult site please warn your fellow members.
14) Thread titles with a staff member's name will be removed without notice, no matter the content. If you wish to get our attention you are welcome to PM us.
15) Any abuse towards our staff or moderators will result of a banned account, instantaneously.
16) We reserve the right to suspend any account that intentionally disregards the rules at any time without a warning, since this User-to-User Forums is a privilege and not a right. If you have a banned account you are still entitled to get support from our Support Area. If the regulations are breach you could be banned and then given a second chance, but if you continue to breach the rules your Forum Account might be suspended indefinitely.
17) We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time.

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