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Search, Encounters & Rating [BUG]

Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:08 pm

The first normal user search works fine, both PHP and JavaScript i assume.
But the PHP part in the Encounters & Rating shows people outside the range limits.
I have also an impression from my own installation of the script, that even JS part doesn't work correctly.

For the sake of example, following location was used:
Country: Gernamny
Region: Thuringen
City: Adelsborn

1. Select the city to save it with 155 miles distance.
2. Go to say Encounters and set it to 150 miles distance.
3. Do a normal page refresh and user will start appearing.

This bug is found in I assume all versions in and below Chameleon 3.3 Urban
Also why does (Search by username) field repeats itself over 20+ times? :roll:
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